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To transform lives by bringing a little flair into everyone's day to day & inspire the world in seeking out the greater good.

Meet The Creator

Hi there! My name is XainaLou and I am happy you decided to take a look. I have always had a knack for getting creative and weirdly enough, I thoroughly enjoy the tedious tasks that comes along with it.  

Why Not Leather or Synthetic Leather

Never being a fan of leather, because of the harsh treatment that animals endure in the process of their skins being removed to be made into manufactured products. And not being fond of the dangerous chemicals that are leaked into the environment during the leather tanning process.

After perusing around for a long time for good pleather options, and always coming up disappointed, it was time to make a change. The pleather options like polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane, were simply not holding up to their end of the bargain.

The horrible effects of our environmental footprint from the use of leather and pleather goods alike was simply not appealing enough to purchase.

Through my love for crafts, I decided to make pieces that were not harmful to human beings nor the environment by using sustainable vegan leather.

Why Sustainable Vegan Leather

As you may already know, normal vegan leather options are not good for the environment or for you. They are usually made with highly toxic ingredients, and hence the end product is not sustainable or able to be refined.

Want to know more about why I chose sustainable vegan leather as my material of choice? Click Here.

What Vegan Leather Is Used

Most of my creations are made with 100% cork leather, which is made from trees. Want to learn more? Click Here.

I also use other types of sustainable vegan leather like recycled tires, apple, coffee leather, etc. Learn More Here.

Did You Know?

A dollar from each item you purchase can get donated to a non profit of your choice?

That’s right. Just be on the lookout for this on the checkout page, so you can pick the organization that you would like to support.

Want to learn more about these causes? Click Here.

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